BTS’s Suga Refused To Let Jimin Give Him A Taste Of His Own Medicine 

Suga had his dastardly plan all planned out.

If you love to mess with your friends, here’s a pro tip from Suga: always stay one step ahead!


This year, BTS‘s Season’s Greetings 2020 package includes a calendar, ring diary, photo ID, mini-poster, and a behind the scenes DVD full of never before seen clips. One of these clips is from the ring diary photoshoot.


As usual, the members played around between shots. Jungkook, being the merciless maknae that he is, snapped Jimin‘s suspenders as hard as he could.


A moment later, Suga couldn’t resist snapping them too.


Jimin looked back at Suga’s own suspenders as if planning a counterattack…


…but Suga didn’t let it happen! Reading Jimin’s mind, Suga took off his suspenders to avoid getting a taste of his own medicine.


Suga definitely isn’t called “genius” for nothing!


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