BTS’s Suga Learned An Important Lesson At The 2019 Grammy Awards

He shared his personal thoughts with ARMYs.

BTS‘s Suga has shared an important lesson that he learned from attending the 61st annual Grammy Awards. 


Suga, whom Korean news outlets have nicknamed “Minstradamus”, predicted BTS’s Grammy appearance back in 2018.


On February 10, Suga’s dream became a reality when BTS stepped out of their Hyundai Palisades and walked up the red carpet like the royalty they are.


Although BTS did not perform at the event, Suga learned a lot from the artists who did. In BTS’s after party with ARMY, he shared his thoughts on the Grammys’ “awesome” stages.


The stages have inspired Suga to work harder. He said, “It is not a long duration journey, but I learned a lot.”


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