BTS Suga’s Gift Has ARMYs Hoping For An Agust D Comeback

Suga’s special gift package has Agust D fans hoping for a new mixtape.

Will Agust D be making a comeback? ARMYs are crossing their fingers and hoping after seeing Suga‘s special gifts for fans.


On the April 26 episode of Music BankBTS took their fifth win for “Boy With Luv”. They won first place over Jannabi’s “For Lovers Who Hesitate,” (4, 244 points) with a total of 13,007 points.


Each time BTS makes a music show appearance, one member prepares a thoughtful collection of goodies for the fans at the show’s recording. For Music Bank, Suga gave gifts that are making international ARMYs green with envy.


His gift package includes an “SG” version of his Fear of God (FG) shirt.


It has his solo rapper name “Agust D” printed on the sleeve.


Suga also gave fans an Agust D tag, a clear photocard, and BTS’s iconic family photo.


With all this Agust D merch, some fans are wondering if Suga has plans to release another mixtape in the near future. His first mixtape Agust D was released in 2016.


Here’s hoping!


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