BTS’s Suga Was Surprised By An ARMY’s “Sudden Request,” But He Still Did It Anyways

Suga misheard the request.

BTS is willing to fulfill ARMYs‘ (BTS’s fandom) requests, and Suga accepted an ARMY’s “sudden request” in a live broadcast!

BTS’s Suga

In the live broadcast, Suga was talking, and RM read aloud a comment from an ARMY that read, “Suga, please wave your hand.”  Suga was surprised by the sudden request!

The members couldn’t help but laugh at Suga’s reaction!

Jin then told Suga to do what the ARMY requested, and Suga did just that.

Suga then shared that he originally thought the ARMY said, “Grant my wish,” and that this was why he was so surprised.

BTS and ARMYs have the sweetest relationship!

Source: Naver Live


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