5 BTS Fan Interactions That Will Make Any ARMY Jealous AF

Number 3 is so touching!

The BTS members are incredibly kind to ARMYs (BTS’s fandom), and there have been many heartwarming interactions throughout the years. Here are 5 BTS fan interactions that will make any ARMY jealous.

1. Jungkook remembering a lucky ARMY

BTS’s Jungkook

One ARMY had quite the experience at a fansign, as Jungkook remembered her from the fansign she went to a full year ago!

Jungkook recalled the fan’s name and even held her hand.

Jungkook also wrote a special message for the ARMY on a post-it note!

2. V giving a gift to an ARMY


V is quite a generous person, as he’s always gifting items to ARMYs. During a concert, V walked over to the edge of the stage and gifted his glasses to a fan!

3. Jimin making an ARMY feel like a queen

BTS’s Jimin

An ARMY by the name of Monica Sahara had an extremely heartwarming interaction with Jimin during a fansign. She brought him a shining golden crown, and Jimin didn’t hesitate to wear it.

Jimin then placed a golden crown on her head and told her, “You are a princess.”

Not only that, but Jimin also held her hand and gave the sweetest smile!

4. Suga’s interaction with an ARMY when it was raining

BTS’s Suga

When BTS guested on the Cultwo Show, an ARMY sent a message talking about when they unexpectedly met Suga on the streets. It was raining that day, and Suga didn’t have an umbrella, so the ARMY decided to give him her umbrella. When the ARMY gave the umbrella to Suga, it suddenly stopped raining.

I went out to buy some makgeolli on a rainy day and saw Suga on the street. He was only wearing a cap, without an umbrella, so I ran to him and gave him my umbrella. But, after I gave the umbrella, it stopped raining. I went the other way to not make you feel uncomfortable, but I saw you again! You were still carrying the umbrella even if it was not raining. I was touched. I didn’t give you the umbrella because it was tiresome to carry it or anything like that.


It turns out that Suga still remembered this incident.

Not only did Suga remember the incident, but he also revealed that he still has the umbrella!

5. V telling an ARMY that he remembers them


While BTS has millions of fans, the members often can recognize ARMYs. During a concert, V mouthed, “I remember you,” to a lucky ARMY!