BTS’s V Gave One Lucky Fan A Gift At Wembley, Now We’re All Jealous

This interaction is the stuff ARMY’s dreams are made of.

One lucky ARMY lived out a “y/n” fanfiction moment at BTS‘s London concert with V.


On June 1 and 2, BTS performed their 2-day Love Yourself: Speak Yourself concert at the legendary Wembley Stadium. The concert had many moments that fans will forever cherish, like Jin‘s tribute to QUEEN and ARMY’s “Young Forever” serenade.


V is a very generous person and when he sees the opportunity to do something special for a fan, he seizes it. At BTS’s Chicago concert, for example, he gave his hat to a young fan who’d dressed up in a mini version of his “Anpanman” outfit.


On Day 2 at Wembley, V made another fan’s night by giving away the glasses he had tucked into his pocket.


Smiling brightly, he walked over to the edge of the stage, crouched down, and handed his glasses to the fan. Check out the sweet interaction here.


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