BTS’s Jin Pulled A QUEEN Moment In London, Ends Up On Freddie’s Official Twitter

LeJINdary, as always.

During their Wembley Stadium concert, BTS‘s Jin imitated QUEEN‘s Freddie Mercury and it was the cutest thing London had seen. The iconic moment, recreated by the Worldwide Handsome Jin, was too cool to go unnoticed – that it ended up being tweeted by Freddie Mercury’s official Twitter account!


Jin hyped up the audience by asking, “Hey ARMY, are you having fun tonight?” The crowd went wild for Jin – in his brand new purple hair. ARMYs loved listening to Jin interacting with them in English too!


Then Jin praised London for being “home of great musicians”. He shared with the fans that he recently watched “Bohemian Rhapsody”, a movie that was widely beloved for its retelling of the life of Freddie Mercury and QUEEN…


… and he went on to imitate this iconic scene from the movie! He shouted, “Eeee-o” and ARMYs knew immediately to repeat after him.

I can’t help following this scene!

— Jin


Jin had fun with recreating the scene. He was overwhelmed by the fans showing him all that love and support. He seemed deeply moved as he exclaimed his love for them as well.

You’re so lovely, ARMY. I love you so much, ARMY!

— Jin


The moment, seriously too cute and equally as iconic, didn’t go unnoticed by the internet. Freddie Mercury’s official Twitter account ended up tweeting out a clip of Jin doing this – and commented that it’s “great to see the legacy live on”.

Watch the leJINdary moment here: