BTS’s Suga Had The Best Reaction When He Realized Cameras Were On

Suga showing his playful personality!

BTS‘s Suga is known for his great reactions, and one time, he had a hilarious reaction when he realized that cameras were on.

During an episode of Burn The Stage, the BTS members were seen eating some food.

While eating, some of them got surprised when they learned that cameras were on the whole time!

After Jungkook realized the cameras were on, he started to get a little playful and said, “Let’s clean up. The camera’s on“.

After Jungkook said this, Suga got up, as he now realized that the cameras were on.

Suga then started to clean up as well, and Jimin hilariously asked him, “Why are you suddenly cleaning up?” which Suga replied with, “You don’t clean up after eating?”.


Jimin couldn’t help but laugh at Suga and stated that everyone else but Suga always cleans up after eating. Suga continued with his playful act, as he told Jimin, “Jimin, you should clean up after eating“.


Here’s the full video below!