BTS’s Suga Even Had Guests Confused About Whether Or Not He Attended J-Hope’s Listening Party

Fans and guests alike thought they spotted Suga at the event.

BTS‘s J-Hope‘s Jack in the Box listening party had everyone talking, and fans eagerly waited to see which celebrities would attend.

With over 50 celebs spotted attending the event, the party ended up being one for the books. Fans were thrilled to see J-Hope’s fellow BTS members showing up to support his new album. While people quickly spotted JiminJungkookRM, and V, members Jin and Suga were a little harder to find.

Online posts about J-Hope’s party quickly turned into a game of “Where’s Waldo?” as fans scoured pictures for signs of the two.

A few fans creatively took matters into their own hands and jokingly helped speed up the search.

Jin took to Weverse to confirm he was at the party but hilariously shared that he was hiding and reading webtoons because he only knew a few attendees.

Jin at J-Hope’s listening party | @jin/Instagram

With that mystery solved, there was one lingering question: the whereabouts of Suga!

Fans began to trend “WHERE IS YOONGI?” as they waited for updates from J-Hope’s party.

| @yooniesexc/Instagram

BTS’s Suga has made it well known that if he’s not busy with schedules, you can find him in one of three places; asleep in his bed, hanging around his house, or working in his recording studio.

His reputation for being a homebody proceeds him, but for him to miss out on an opportunity to support one of his fellow BTS members was unlike the idol. Fans were confident he would be spotted in the corner at some point during the night, knowing him.

A few fans thought they found Suga in a photo’s background, but that has since been debunked.

J-Hope set the record straight on his live broadcast this morning, clarifying whether or not Suga was able to attend his listening party. This was around the same time a statement Jessi made on Instagram live was circulating, which some fans assumed meant all seven BTS members were at the party.

Of course! I saw everyone [at the party]- I saw all of the members of BTS.

— Jessi

BTS’s Suga is known for his elusiveness, which hilariously contributed to the mass confusion surrounding whether or not he appeared at J-Hope’s listening party and seemed to create a Mandela Effect around the event.

Of course, we now know that Suga, unfortunately, developed a fever the day before the event and could not attend. He sent a sweet message to J-Hope the next day, expressing his regret that he couldn’t be at the party.

So, I woke up with a fever yesterday. I wasn’t able to make it because I wanted to be sure it wasn’t covid. It’s a shame I couldn’t goㅠㅠ. Thankfully, I’m back to a normal body temp, so don’t worry too much. Congrats Jwe-hope.

— Suga

This wasn’t the only time Suga had fans eagerly awaiting information about his whereabouts. In 2020, the members of BTS snapped a photo with American superstar Ariana Grande at rehearsals for the GRAMMYs.

(From left to right) BTS’s RM and Jimin, Ariana Grande, BTS’s Jungkook, V, J-Hope, and Jin | @arianagrande/Instagram

Fans quickly noticed that Suga was missing from the photo and began to trend “WHERE IS YOONGI?” on Twitter. Suga clarified that he had to leave after BTS’s rehearsals to attend another schedule and was sad that he had only missed Ariana Grande by a few minutes.

Suga continues to be a man with an air of mystery, but at least these ones were solved. To learn more about Suga’s introverted lifestyle and lovable personality, check out the article below!

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