BTS’s Suga Is The History Professor We All Wish We’d Had

Class with Professor Min is now in session.

Attention, students of BTS University! It’s time to pick up your pens and open your books. History 101 with Professor Suga is about to begin!


The word “Suga” isn’t synonymous with “genius” for no reason. In addition to being musically gifted, Suga has a whole library of random historical facts tucked away in his brain. Whenever he sees an opportunity to teach, he takes it!


For instance, Episodes 86 to 88 of Run BTS! were filled at Oil Tank Culture Park, a product of Seoul’s ongoing quest for urban regeneration. Suga was more than happy to educate his members about the location’s origins.


And let’s not forget his underappreciated lecture on the Maginot Line. As soon as “Professor Min” started his lecture, RM interrupted by saying he’d already heard it, “more than twenty times”!


Suga continued the lesson anyway, putting Jimin to sleep. He even pretended to snore!


In addition to history, Professor Min also has a degree in Economics…


…and Whisky Drinking.


Check out Suga’s Maginot Line lesson here:

BTS Suga’s “Maginot Line” History Lesson Put Jimin To Sleep