A BTS Fan Made J-Hope Shy, But Suga Knew EXACTLY What To Say

The “S” in “Suga” does not stand for “shy.”

BTS‘s J-Hope is known for being boisterous and bright, but even he has his shy moments!


Let’s take a trip back in time to 2017, the “DNA” era. As part of the promotions for this record-breaking dance single, BTS attended a fan sign in Myeongdong.


The members all looked incredibly handsome in their “DNA” outfits, and one J-Hope stan didn’t hesitate to say so!

J-Hope didn’t quite know how to react to her compliment, but Suga wasn’t about to let it go unanswered. “Why aren’t you answering her?” he asked, making J-Hope even shyer.

“What would you do if someone called you handsome?” he asked, laughing. Suga had the perfect response.

“Just live life to the fullest,” he said. Spoken like a true king!


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