BTS’s Suga Once Used Jimin’s Abs To Do Laundry, Here’s Why

He put Jimin’s washboard abs to the test.

Do washboard abs live up to their name? If anybody knows, it’s Suga!

Back in 2013, when fans were just starting to get to know BTS, Jimin‘s abs were one of his most memorable features.

He wasn’t shy about showing them…and neither was Suga.

On June 12, 2013, Suga promised to put Jimin’s washboard abs to the test if BTS’s Twitter account reached 10,000 followers before their M Countdown performance the next day.

“Hello, this is Suga. We’ve surpassed 8,200 followers. Clap clap clap. If we can reach 10,000 followers before our first M Countdown performance tomorrow, I will use Jimin’s abs to do laundry, and post a picture of it onto our fan café kyakya.”

Overnight, BTS’s Twitter gained the 1,800 followers needed for Suga to keep his laundry promise. On June 19, 2013, Suga posted this unforgettable photo on BTS’s fan cafe.

In his accompanying message, Suga said that the photo seems a little…er…“erotic”.

As if that wasn’t enough, this official behind the scenes picture was also posted on the fan cafe! Who knew Suga had such fantastic photo-editing skills?

It’s been years, but this iconic moment is very much alive in ARMY’s memories!


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