BTS’s Suga Pushed Jimin’s Buttons Just Because He Can

He tested Jimin’s patience during BTS’s Q&A.

BTS‘s Suga has many hobbies, but testing Jimin‘s patience might be his favorite.


Suga never misses out on the chance to tease his friend, whether that means poking fun at his acting…

…dissing his hair…

…or ditching him in the middle of a game.

Recently, BTS answered questions about creating their new album, BE, in a behind the scenes video, BE-hind Story. Suga turned the Q&A into a comedy show with his blunt but loveable sense of humor.


Jimin wanted to share a touching memory from when he first arrived in Seoul, but Suga interrupted with a “childish” comment.

“Without anything? Were you naked?” he asked, and his members laughed.

Jimin took this in stride, but Suga wasn’t done amusing himself yet. He seized another golden opportunity when BTS went around sharing their thoughts on BE. 

When Jimin started to say the closing remarks, Suga cut him off!

This time, Jimin was not having it. He stood up and brandished his weapon of choice, a water bottle, at Suga.

Check out more of their bickering here or watch the video below: