With BTS’s Suga, Whatever Jimin Wants Jimin Gets

Suga proved, once again, that he has a big soft spot for the maknae line.

BTS‘s Suga has a soft spot for BTS‘s maknae line (JiminV, and Jungkook). He lets them do whatever they want, whenever they want.

| MapleStory/Youtube

Whether it’s letting carry him under a limbo pole for the umpteenth time…

…or joining Jungkook’s dance, Suga just can’t say no to them.

In the final episode of MAPLESTORY X BTS, the members sketched special items for a MapleStory character based on their song “Black Swan”. Unfortunately, not everything they drew could make it into the final design.

| MapleStory/Youtube

Each member had to convince the rest to choose his drawing, and nobody was more passionate about this than Jimin. Jimin was so proud of his scythe that he wanted it included, if not as a weapon, then as a chair.

| MapleStory/Youtube

He also had ideas for the scythe’s color scheme. After listening to Jimin plead his case throughout the episode, Suga gave in. “Do whatever you want,” he said. “Do whatever you want.” 

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