BTS’s Suga Reminisces About Meeting Jimin For The First Time 

They went back in time to their trainee days.

BTS is taking ARMY on a trip down memory lane to their good ol’ pre-debut days.


In the latest behind the scenes episode for Bon Voyage 4Jimin dressed for the New Zealand weather in a fuzzy sweater, sweatpants, hiking boots, and a pom pom toque.


Suga couldn’t help commenting on Jimin’s cuteness. The way he’d dressed reminded Suga of pre-debut Jimin, when he’d first moved to Seoul from Busan.


The Jimin from Suga’s memory wore clothes that were similar to New Zealand Jimin’s clothes.


The other members totally agreed. This was a flash from the past!


Jimin hopped aboard the nostalgia train by acting out the way he had introduced himself to the members all those years ago. (So many feels!)


Jimin has changed a lot since he first joined BTS…


…and his members have loved, supported, and cheered for him every step of the way!


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