BTS’s Suga Is Impressing Fans With His Sherlock-Level Observation Skills

It only took Suga one glance to know exactly what his member needed.

Suga is known for taking care of BTS in subtle ways, but his low-key love and keen observational skills are impressing fans all over again.


On January 15, BTS attended the Seoul Music Awards, where they performed on stage and took home several awards.

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Between these performances and award wins, BTS sat in the audience and refreshed themselves. While taking a drink, Suga glanced over at Jin for less than a second, but it was enough for him to notice the sweat on Jin’s worldwide handsome face.


After Suga capped his bottle, he reached into his jacket for a napkin, then nonchalantly handed it to Jin.


Fans were thoroughly impressed with Suga’s keen observational skills and the silent communication between these “eternal roommates”.


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