BTS’s Suga Once Teased Jin At The End Of A Fansign… And Jin Couldn’t Help But Laugh

Suga jokingly “blamed” Jin.

BTS‘s Jin and Suga are quite the comedic duo, and Suga once decided to tease Jin at the end of a fansign randomly.

BTS’s Suga
BTS’s Jin

At the end of the fansign, ARMYs (BTS’s fandom) were sad when Suga started giving an ending message.

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Suga then got a little playful and said they would like to stay longer, but they had to leave since Jin needed to “urgently” go to the restroom.

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After Suga said this, Jin laughed and began making some sounds towards Suga.

| jinnieverz/YouTube

Suga then quickly finished his message and the members said goodbye to ARMYs.

| jinnieverz/YouTube

Here’s the full video below!