BTS’s Suga Was “Questioning” His Athleticism While Playing Tennis

“He looks old all of a sudden.”

In episode 129 of Run BTS!, the BTS members began learning how to play tennis, and there were many hilarious and playful moments. In the episode, Suga even began “questioning” his athleticism!

BTS’s Suga

When the members were learning how to return a serve, Suga hit the ball a bit too hard, and the members decided to tease him a bit jokingly.

The members also jokingly said that Suga ran out of energy quickly and that he looked “old.”

After hitting some tennis balls, Suga began questioning how he was able to play basketball in the past.

When Suga was a student, he excelled as an athlete, as he was a part of his school’s basketball team. It looks like Suga was “in awe” of his past as an athlete!

BTS’s Suga
Source: Naver Live