BTS Suga’s Reaction To An Entire Decade Coming To An End Is A Whole Mood

Same, Suga, Same. Where did all our time go?

During his latest live broadcast, BTS‘s Suga read a comment from one of his most loyal ARMYs…


… and came to a sudden realization of how much time has passed! This ARMY shared that he/she has been a fan since his/her elementary school days and that he/she is now a high school student preparing for the college entrance exam.

‘I’ve been a fan since elementary school. Now I’ll be a senior in high school next year!’

— Suga


To that, Suga had the cutest reaction:


— Suga


Look how eventually the realization hits him, hard:

Woooooow. Is that so…? That really is so, huh…? (Speechless)

— Suga


Suga was totally bamboozled, as are we, by the fact that it has been seven whole years since he debuted…

That just gave me some goosebumps… Time flies.

— Suga


… and an entire decade since this baby-Yoongi passed Big Hit Entertainment‘s “Hit It” audition in 2010!


Surely, for ARMYs, it has been a wholesome decade with Suga. But man oh man, how time does fly. Right, Suga?

Watch Suga’s #DecemberMood here: