BTS’s Suga Surprised Maknae Jungkook With A Thoughtful Gift… And ARMYs Can’t Handle The UWU

“This snow globe is for you, Jungkook…”

In BTS’s 2020 Winter Package, members learned how to make snow globes and ended up exchanging their final artworks with one another. Suga surprised the golden maknae Jungkook with a meaningful handmade snow globe — and ARMYs can’t handle Suga’s sweetness.

When his turn came, Suga handed over his snow globe to Jungkook in his usual nonchalant way. Jungkook got excited to see what kind of a snow globe his hyung made for him.

Inside Suga’s snow globe sat a poodle and a bunny — which Suga explained to be his pet dog Holly and Jungkook.

Captured from video

In a separate card, Suga wished Jungkook to make some time for himself and take a breather — to “heal” from the extremely busy year they had in 2019.

Captured from video

To Jungkook: This snow globe is for you, Jungkook. It has Holly and bunny-Jungkookie together. 2019 was a chaotic year for you. You came so far without stopping. I hope you and Holly can spend some time together and heal. From Min Suga, 11/15/2019.

— Suga

Jungkook couldn’t stop smiling as he read the card out loud. Watching this, ARMY hearts were completely filled with love and UWU. ARMYs know, as long as Jungkook has his Suga hyung — and Holly, for that matter — he’s in good hands!

Here’s a talented ARMY who turned the snow globe into a beautiful fan art: