BTS’s Suga Reveals His Most Memorable Birthday And Why It Was One-Of-A-Kind

Not many people can say this happened to them!

Every year, March 9th is a very special day for BTS and ARMYs, since it’s the day Suga was born! He recently revealed in an interview with Tokopedia that his most special birthday happened right after BTS’s debut.

Following their debut in 2013, his birthday in 2014 landed on a special day: The members’ trip to another country.

After debuting, our departure date [to another country] was my birthday, March 9th.

— Suga

However, because of the timezone differences, it was still March 9th in the new country they landed in.

Not only did he get to experience his birthday in two different countries, it lasted twice as long!

A day passed but it was still March 9th!

— Suga

You can never forget a birthday that lasts for two days!

ARMYs don’t mind celebrating Suga’s special day for as long as he wants!