BTS’s Suga True Personality As Seen Through His Treatment Of A Delivery Driver

Suga’s special request touched the driver.

BTS is often talked about for their humble and kind attitudes, and an Indian part-time delivery food worker in Korea shared an incident with the members that had a lasting impression on him!

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Club FM, a radio channel based in the Indian state of Kerala, interviewed a Kerala native who worked in Korea as a delivery food worker, where he shared his experience meeting the members of BTS! He revealed that he met members RM, Jin, Jungkook, and Suga, and although he was not an ARMY, he was very impressed with their kind and polite behavior!

If you ask me whether I am a BTS fan or an ARMY? I am not. So I’ve met 4 of them and that too as a part of my job. The people I’ve met are Jungkook, RM, Jin, and Suga.

If you ask me about the experience…All four of them are superb. They never made us feel like they have any kind of attitude about having millions of fans.

— Delivery driver

He then narrated a specific incident with Suga, revealing how Suga got in touch with him and told him to take his time with the delivery and to make sure he arrives safely!

I would especially like to mention one instance. Once, Suga… It was a rainy day. Actually, there is no option for the customers to contact us, but there is a feature called “Rider Request”. And in that request section, he wrote,

“It’s a rainy day… It doesn’t matter however late you are, drive carefully.”

Isn’t that a super quality to have?

— Delivery driver

During his pre-debut days, Suga himself worked part-time as a delivery food worker, and once got into a car accident while making a delivery, badly injuring his shoulder. Although the initial injury healed, he still experienced discomfort because of it, and ultimately underwent surgery for his shoulder to relieve him of the pain.

As Suga himself knows what it was like on the job, fans are super touched at his consideration for the delivery worker, and are praising Suga for reaching out to him!

You can watch the interview here!

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