BTS’s Suga Reveals The Truth Behind Agust D’s Sword Scenes

Those powerful scenes weren’t part of the original vision.

In the “Daechwita” music video, Agust D did more than stun everyone with his raw, charismatic rapping. To back it up and play his role as an emperor, he showed off his skills with a sword.

Slashing it through the air like a badass, he made it look effortless. In the shooting sketch for the music video, he revealed that those scenes weren’t part of the original vision.

Preparing to film the scene in question, BTS‘s Suga admitted he was among the last to know it would be part of the video, “…I found out there’s a sword scene, somewhat belatedly.”

Despite the short notice, Suga gave it all he had. He used the time he had wisely, “I practiced two days before, so here goes.” His effort didn’t only show in how well the scenes came out.

All of his sword-wielding practice had left marks on his hands. Looking down, he mentioned, “I got blisters and everything.” After giving a glimpse of the spots on his hand, he quickly hid them.

In the end, Suga’s hard work paid off with such badass scenes that could’ve come straight from an action movie. See him explain the truth behind them here.


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