BTS Suga’s Unexpected Love For Comedy Has A Much Deeper Meaning Beyond Wanting To Be Funny

He had admired Shin Dong Yeob’s comedic work since childhood.

Episode two of BTS Suga‘s new web series Suchwita was just released on YouTube as a special treat for ARMYs, BTS’s official fandom, to celebrate the new year. The episode featured legendary comedian Shin Dong Yeob who Suga had been a fan of since he was a child.

BTS’s Suga with Shin Dong Yeob | BANGTANTV/YouTube

The video was filled with iconic moments as the pair discussed everything from how BTS’s meteoric rise in popularity affected how their peers treated them to all the life lessons Dong Yeob had learned over his three-decade-old career.

Through their conversation, Dong Yeob noticed that Suga sincerely appreciated the art of comedy.

Suga then said, “I love stand-up comedy. I watch stand-up from overseas. You don’t make things uncomfortable, even if you talk about uncomfortable topics. I thought you’re very profound.” He appreciated how comedians like Dong Yeob could explore topics considered taboo in South Korea in a light but also in-depth way.

Caught off guard, Dong Yeob could only laugh at the high praise of Suga. He then explained that he could only navigate sensitive topics because he also made many mistakes throughout his long career.

Watch episode two of BTS Suga‘s Suchwita featuring Shin Dong Yeob below. The two explore Suga’s love for comedy at the 11:19 mark.


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