BTS’s Suga Has An Unexpected New Nickname Thanks To A Viral Agust D Concert Moment

He looks as bright as ever!

BTS member Suga kicked off his solo tour on April 27, KST, in New York, and followed it up with another show the very next day at the same venue, UBS Arena.

Suga at UBS Arena | Twitter

Despite this being his first time touring solo, Suga has managed to outdo anyone’s expectations with his live performances. It has been only two days, and social media is flooded with multiple viral moments from his concerts. Whether it be a crowd of ARMYs singing along to all his songs bar for bar,

or Suga showing his carefree side on stage more openly,

or the audience barking at him while he clearly enjoys it,

let’s just say there hasn’t been a dull moment since this tour started. But among all these buzzworthy clips, there is one moment from the day one concert that has unexpectedly gone viral and earned Suga a new nickname.

In his concert setlist, Suga has included his solo version of “Life Goes On,” and during the live performance, he sits down at a piano and plays it while singing his heart out. The setting of the stage is also kept fitting, with warm lighting and a singular spotlight on him.

But from certain angles in the audience, Suga’s head blended in with the lamp kept above the piano so seamlessly that fans started calling it a “lamp Yoongi” sighting. Soon enough, lamp Yoongi was being posted from different perspectives, both in stills and videos.

It was only a matter of time before this ethereal manifestation of Suga inspired artists in his fandom.


Some fans also recalled that this isn’t the first time Suga’s head has blended in with random objects this well. Previously, he has been spotted inside a cup and a soup bowl.

We know that his tour just started, but we might have a contender for the most iconic costume on hand already.

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