BTS’s Suga Has Wise Advice For Haters Who Judge Their Music

He knows BTS will prove them wrong.

BTS recently featured in an issue of American teen magazine J-14. To introduce readers to the members of the group and provide fans with new information, there was a section dedicated to listing facts about each one.


Suga‘s listed things such as his favorite movie Inception, his favorite hobby of lying down, and his dog Holy. What caught ARMYs’ attention was his “message to readers.”

Although K-Pop’s popularity is worldwide and keeps growing every single year, many people have misconceptions about the genre, especially since it’s in a language many people don’t understand.

Because of this and the fact that they wear makeup and look after their appearances, it’s easy for people to judge their music. Suga tackled this issue with his message.

As someone who thinks carefully about what he says and only says what he means, Suga didn’t hold back in his honesty. If you listen to BTS’s music with an open mind and heart, you’ll find it to your liking.

You’ll like BTS music if you listen without prejudice.

Suga always has words of wisdom to share. In this, he isn’t wrong. Music has the power to transcend language. On top of that, BTS has explored so many genres and sounds with their music that it would be hard for someone not to find at least one song they like.


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