This is Where BTS Suga’s Alter Ego “Yoonji” Is Today

It’s a great answer.

One of the most popular alter-ego’s in the K-Pop industry, Min Yoonji is the female version of BTS‘s Suga.

Her name is a spin-off from Suga’s real name “Yoongi” and she first appeared in 2017 during a skit made on the group’s online broadcast channel.

Yoonji was a transfer student whose heart the other BTS members tried to win.

Yoonji has seldom appeared in BTS activities since that episode. When asked by fans about her whereabouts on a March 8 online broadcast, Suga had a ready answer.

Maybe [she’s] at home eating rice and doing homework.

– Suga

As Yoonji is a student herself, it’s not a far-flung answer that she’d still be working on her daily tasks!

As expected, ARMYs found this revelation absolutely hilarious.

We can’t wait until the next time we see Yoonji again.