BTS Suga’s Prediction About 2020 Will Give You Goosebumps

His words from 2019 are eerily accurate.

BTS‘s Suga hasn’t earned the nickname “Minstradamus” for nothing. Like Nostradamus, he has an uncanny talent for predicting the future.

GRAMMYs? Billboard awards? Stadium tours? Suga spoke it all into existence. Usually, his predictions are about BTS’s achievements, but fans have discovered an eerily accurate prediction about 2020.

From natural disasters to the COVID-19 pandemic, 2020 has been a trainwreck so far. Nobody could have foreseen the new decade starting out so disastrously, but in light of current events, some fans are seeing Suga’s 2019 letter differently.

For BTS’s 2020 Winter Package, the members wrote “winter letters” to ARMY to bring them warmth on their coldest days.

In his letter, Suga encouraged ARMY to achieve their 2020 New Year’s resolutions through determination and dedication. One line, in particular, seems to sum up the year so far.

“The world is sheer chaos,” Suga wrote. “but let’s stay strong!”

There’s no way Suga could have known what kind of chaos 2020 would bring, but his words ring true!

Read his winter letter below:

To ARMY, tilde, heart. Hi ARMY, by the time you get this letter, it’ll be the new year. What will the start of 2020 be like? Be it good grades, diet, or exercise, whatever your resolution is, I hope you achieve it this year. With determination, 30 days will become 300 days. The world is sheer chaos, but let’s stay strong! I’m always here rooting for you every day. Let’s stay strong and have a great 2020! I love you, ARMY. Thank you. Sincerely yours, Min Suga.

— Suga