BTS’s Members May All Have Time Control Powers — Here’s What They Are

This new theory is so crazy, it might be true.

When BTS dropped their “Lights” MV teaser, the fandom exploded with new theories. One of the most intriguing theories involves time control.


In the BTS Universe (also known as the HYYH era), BTS’s members were caught in a time loop that began with “I Need U”, back in 2015. For years, fans theorized that Jin was a time traveler fated to change BTS’s destiny. This theory was the basis for The Notes novel and BTS’s webtoon, Save Me.


The “Lights” MV teaser has now sparked a new question. What if all the members have time powers?


We already know that Jin’s time power is time travel. He went back in time over and over again to try to save his members, but (spoiler alert) the ending of Save Me is ambiguous. It’s unclear if Jin succeeded or not.


In Save Me, another fan theory was confirmed: V experiences precognition. He had dreams about past and future events, surprising the other members with his knowledge.


In the “Lights” teaser, RM freezes popcorn in mid-air, which suggests that he has the power to stop time. This is the first time fans have seen RM’s “power” at work, and they’re excited to learn more.


Jungkook may have the power to relive time, but not change it. Unlike Jin, who physically travels to the past and can influence it, Jungkook’s time traveling may only be happening in his mind. In the “Euphoria” MV, he may be reliving happier times while Jin is trying to recreate them.


One interesting thing about BTS’s “powers” is that many of them seem like curses. In The Notes, which expands on BTS’s HYYH era backstories, J-Hope forgets time. He has holes in his memory, especially about his mother and his abandonment in the amusement park. He also experiences narcolepsy, which causes him to sleep at random and miss time.


On the other hand, Jimin has the power to remember time. His power is similar to Jungkook’s, but while Jungkook’s power seems omniscient, Jimin’s may be limited to either his own plot line or to one branch of time in the tree of BTS’s Universe. He too recalls happy memories in “Euphoria”.


Unlike the other members, who can move time in different ways, Suga is trapped in time. In both Save Me and BTS’s music videos, he fails to escape his tragic, fiery fate. “Lights”, however, might signal a change, where Suga finally breaks free.


Some of the fans who noticed Suga’s absence from this scene think that he could either be BTS’s new “light” or “shadow”, depending on their interpretation.


ARMY’s unending theories may never be confirmed, but they’re definitely fun to think about!