BTS’s V And His Brother Hung Out At An Internet Cafe On Vacation

V shares family time memories in his vacation vlog.

V doesn’t get to see much of his family while he’s touring with BTS, but he made up for lost time on his vacation.


On October 9, V posted a vlog, as part of BTS’s vacation log series. He shares clips of himself having fun with friends and family.


Like his fellow BTS members, V takes his family’s privacy very seriously. On camera, he has talked about his parents and grandparents, and he occasionally shares photos, but fans rarely, if ever, hear about V’s younger brother.


While on vacation, V and his brother went to an internet cafe to play games. His brother stayed off-camera, but some fans have pointed out how similar his voice is to V’s.


Does he also share V’s world-famous visuals? The world may never know, but that’s perfectly fine. Just knowing that the Kim Brothers spent time together is enough!


Watch the vlog here: