Nothing Can Stop BTS’s V From Sharing His Love With ARMYs, Not Even That Microphone

(On mute) “I love you ARMYs!”

At the 2019 Melon Music Awards, where BTS took home a total of 8 awards for their most successful year inside and outside Korea, V couldn’t handle his growing love for ARMYs who made everything possible.


So before he stepped off stage, he attempted to steal the microphone for a second and tell the fans how he felt…


… except the microphone had been turned off.


V felt slightly discouraged…


… but nothing could stop V from confessing his love to ARMYs. Not even that microphone!


V still shouted into the microphone and said, “I love you ARMYs!” He was successful in getting his message out there…


… before he got collected by RM.


ARMYs, who decoded the message by reading his lips, have one and only response for this love-bug:


ARMYs love you too, V!


For a closer look inside the 2019 MMA, here’s V’s royal AF visual stealing the show:

BTS V’s Magnificent “Royal Prince Fashion” Reaches Its Peak At 2019 MMA

Source: THEQOO