V’s Cries For Help Will Make You (Almost) Feel Sorry For Laughing

V does not have a “need for speed”.

Some people, like Jungkook, were born to be daredevils. V, on the other hand, was not.


Even so, V rarely says “no” to a challenge. His fears don’t stop him from participating in whatever games the staff has planned for BTS.


In Episode 83 of Run BTS!, BTS played water games at their wet and wild “Happy Summer” outing. One of these games involved solving math equations…while tubing.


We don’t know which evil genius at Big Hit Entertainment thought of this, but they’re getting a round of applause!


Before V and his teammates set sail, the staff told them to speak up if the boat was going too fast.


(The staff did not, however, say anything about slowing down for them!)


As soon as the boat took off, Jungkook was in his glory. He couldn’t have been more excited…


…but V looked a little worried.


He started yelling for the boat to slow down, and it did…for a minute.


After his team answered their first math question, the boat took off again and V started screaming!


He was convinced that the staff was trying to hurl him into the sea…


…and he nearly lost his shoe!


Poor V. Suga and Jungkook made fun of him as soon as they docked, by imitating his cries.


All in all though, V had a blast!