BTS’s V Shows His Modeling Skills In A Crop Top And ARMYs Are Not Okay

Models are lucky V chose music as a career!

Behind the scenes of BTS‘s photoshoot for Esquire magazine, V showed off his charisma and effortlessly cool appeal in a variety of unique poses.

It comes as no shock to fans that V, known for his artistic mind, thought of many of his own unique and creative poses!

Many of which are easier said than done. However, he pulled them off with confidence and his artsy visions came to life in the form of a gorgeous set of photos featured in the magazine.

It seems all the interesting ideas V has ultimately produce great results. Despite making it look easy, he showed how much effort he had to put in behind the scenes.

In the end, the shoot was a success!

Check out some of the photos below.

| Esquire
| Esquire
| Esquire
| Esquire

There’s nothing that V can’t do!


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