BTS’s V Gave Everyone a Sneak Peek of His “Baby Tummy” on His Way to Music Bank

ARMYs are loving his unchanging ways.

BTS recently performed at KBS2’s Music Bank, but before they got inside, they made sure to greet their fans and reporters for a little photo time.

Among all the radiant members, V, in particular, stood out with his blueish-green hair and fashionable outfit.


On his way to the photo zone, V lifted his arms to put on his brown jacket when he gave fans an unexpected surprise.

What was revealed was V’s cute tummy which made all the fans cheer with excitement.



V has revealed his cute belly in front of his fans before, and as a result, ARMYs even gave him the nickname, “Baby Tummy”.


In response to this recent speak peek, those who have seen it since BTS’s debut are commending his unchanging ways, and others are finding him even more lovable than before.

Source: Insight


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