BTS’s V Takes First Place In Poll As “Star You Want To Go Camping With”

Who wouldn’t want to go camping with V?

In a recent poll by Idol Charts, a total of 51,665 people were surveyed on their choice of celebrity to go camping with. As the summer season nears in South Korea and many are gearing up for camping sessions, the poll was conducted from between the 8th to 14th of June.

In a landslide victory, BTS‘s V won first place with 27,260 votes, which means more than 50% of the voters chose the sparkling-eyed vocal as their idol of choice. On a side note, V’s friendliness and deep consideration for others have garnered him the nickname by Korean fans, “Kim-if-it-brushes-by-it’s-fate”, a pun on the lyrics of the much loved song by BTS, “Converse High“.

Apart from V, trot singer Im Youngwoong came in at 2nd place with 13,591 votes, and AB6IX‘s Daehwi came in 3rd with 4289 votes. NU’EST‘s Baekho followed with 1960 votes, Rocket Punch‘s Juri with 1585 votes and H&D‘s Nam Dohyun rounding it out with 1151 votes.

With how cute V looks in the outdoors, it is no wonder fans voted him in as a camping partner! Armys can also relive some camping memories of BTS camping in New Zealand by watching them on BTS’s “Bon Voyage“.


Source: Daum