BTS’s V Gets Emotional Singing “Mom” And ARMYs Can’t Handle All The Feels

I’m not crying, you’re crying.

In a Bon Voyage Season 4 preview clip released by BANGTANTV YouTube channel, BTS members were spotted singing along Jin‘s cover of Ra.D‘s song “Mom”.


While the members — including V — began singing in a light and playful mood…


… V soon stops singing and becomes completely emotional at the thought of his mom.

Umma. Just the sound of the word ‘mom’ shatters my heart. You give me everything you have, but you say you’re sorry for not having any more to give. I don’t know how to pay you back for that.

— Lyrics from Ra.D’s “Mom”


After sitting quietly for a bit, trying to control his feelings…


… V starts singing again, but with so much more heart. In this moment, V was singing to his mom and only for his mom.


ARMYs also got teary-eyed watching V go from “Worldwide Superstar V” to the softest “Son Kim Taehyung” in a split second.


Find V’s most UWU reaction in this 360 video: