BTS’s V Put His Trust In J-Hope, But Ended Up Getting “Betrayed”

V had a feeling that J-Hope would do this!

While the BTS members are like family, they have no problem “betraying” each other during broadcasts!

In episode 128 of Run BTS!, V put his trust in J-Hope, but ended up getting “betrayed!”

BTS’s J-Hope

In the episode, they played a game where a member played the harmonica, and the other members had to guess the song they were playing. When it was Jin‘s turn to play the harmonica, the members struggled with guessing the song.

V felt that he knew the song but couldn’t remember the name. He wanted to ask J-Hope for help but had a feeling that J-Hope would “take” his answer.

V ended up asking J-Hope anyways and whispered some lyrics into his ear.

After telling him the lyrics, V asked J-Hope not to say the answer.

It didn’t take long for J-Hope to “betray” V, as he guessed that the answer was “Make It Right,” and he was correct.

After getting “betrayed” by J-Hope, V had an adorable “frustrated” reaction, and J-Hope couldn’t help but laugh.

“Poor” V!

Source: Naver Live