V Didn’t Answer Jimin’s Text — He Was Too Busy Chatting With ARMY

Games with fans kept V preoccupied.

BTS‘s Jimin recently had some trouble getting a hold of V, and it’s all because of ARMY!


BTS will be holding a Speak Yourself concert at King Fahd International Stadium on October 11, in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Until then, the members are making the most of their pre-concert time in different ways.


Approximately 3 hours before Jungkook tweeted his new gym selfie, V invited fans to play a game with him on Weverse. He also commented on fans’ posts.

Three letters.

— V’s caption


It turns out, V was so preoccupied with ARMY that he didn’t reply to Jimin‘s texts. Jimin logged onto Weverse to catch V’s attention.

Would you please look at my text too, Taehyung-ssi kekekekekekekeke [laughing sounds] So you were playing with ARMY

— Jimin


“kekekekekeke cute,” Jimin wrote, in his next post. “Please come over after you’ve finished having fun playing together~”


In case you missed it, here’s V’s “Sketch Quiz” fun with fans:

BTS’s V Invited ARMY To Play Games With Him…And The App Crashed