BTS’s Jin Tried To Avoid His Members’ Cooking By Saying He Had “Allergies”… But V Wasn’t Having Any Of It

Jin tried getting out of eating the food multiple times!

In a recent special countdown broadcast, BTS‘s Jin tried to get out of eating the members’ cooking, but V found a “loophole.”

BTS’s Jin

The members split into teams and made toast and sandwiches, and they asked MC Jin if he wanted to try their food. Jin, however, said that he didn’t want to eat.


The members didn’t take no for an answer and brought their food up so that Jin could taste them.


Jin then pretended to take a bite of the sandwich, and his members immediately caught him.


Jin tried to get out of eating the sandwich by jokingly saying that he had “bread crust allergies,” but V quickly said that they would cut off the crust for him.


After cutting off the crust, Jin took a bite of the sandwich!


Here’s the full video below!


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