V Appeared To Lick Jin On Stage, But It Was An Optical Illusion

A hilarious on-stage moment made some fans doubt their own eyes.

A split-second moment between Jin and may make you doubt your own eyes!


At the final Speak Yourself concerts, BTS went all out for their fans. They gave ARMY all the emotional, sexy, and hilarious moments they could want, and more.


During “So What”, the members were playing around like they always do. Suddenly, out of nowhere, V walked up to Jin…and licked his cheek?


Wait. What?


 At first, some fans were shook…


…but after carefully examining this clip, the truth came out.


V’s “tongue” was actually Jin’s hand! The angle, blurry footage, and timing all came together to create a hilarious optical illusion.


That said, BTS can get pretty chaotic on stage. If a lick were to happen, fans probably wouldn’t be surprised!