Jimin Yeeted His Dior Jacket Like It Was A Thrift Store Knock-Off 

Jimin had a “rich AF” moment at BTS’s Speak Yourself concert.

Imagine a certain someone throwing thousands of dollars in the air like he just don’t care. That’s more or less what happened at BTS‘s Seoul concert!


Recently, BTS held Day 1 and 2 of Speak Yourself [The Final], the finale concert for their world tour, Love Yourself: Speak YourselfJungkook‘s arm tattooV’s fallen angel lookJimin’s questionable heroics, and Suga‘s meaningful rings, were just some of the many sights fans experienced at the show.


There’s one Jimin moment everybody’s talking about, and it involves one of the Dior jackets he wears for “MIC Drop”.


BTS’s “MIC Drop” stage outfits were specially designed by Kim Jones for BTS’s Love Yourself: Speak Yourself tour.


Custom-made clothing by luxury brands usually costs much more than mass-produced items.


The prices for BTS’s custom outfits aren’t public knowledge, but they must be very expensive, judging by how much Jimin’s other Dior outfits have cost!


During BTS’s “MIC Drop” and “IDOL” medley, Jimin took off his jacket, whipped it around…


…then threw it away!


Fans, of course, are loving Jimin’s flex. The best part is, he’s not the only member to do something like this to his fancy clothes.


At 2018 MAMA, J-Hope threw Jimin’s $19,000 bomber jacket on the ground!