BTS’s Jin Was All For V And RM “Throwing Hands”

The “God of Destruction” struck once again!

BTS‘s Jin is quite a playful person, and his playful personality was on display when V and RM were jokingly “arguing.”

BTS’s Jin
BTS’s V (Left) & RM (Right)

In a recent live broadcast, the members were going to play some Jenga, and they needed to clear their table full of food.

RM, known as the “God of Destruction,” decided to clear up the table, but some fries spilled.

RM then asked V for some help with clearing the table. Jimin decided to take matters into his own hands and clear the table himself.

RM continued trying to help, but V jokingly told him, “Please just hold still.”

Jin found this quite funny and jokingly told them to “fight.” RM also had a playful reaction to all the scolding, as he said that both Jimin and V were going to “punch” him!

The members sure do know how to have a playful time!

Source: Naver Live