BTS’s V Did Something Sweet When Jin Wanted Some “Attention”

Jin laughed a little when V did this.

BTS‘s V is a sweetheart, and he did something sweet for Jin in episode 130 of Run BTS! 

BTS’s Jin (Left) & V (Right)

In the episode, the members talked about their song “Dynamite” staying in the Billboard Hot 100 chart for 22 weeks and how grateful they are.

As the members talked about this, Jin felt “left out” since he was standing away from them and asked them to look his way.

V, who was standing next to Jin, decided to give all of his attention to Jin and just stared at him. Jin couldn’t help but laugh at V’s cute action.

The members then started talking about their tennis skills, and Jin and V were talking among themselves. Jimin decided to be a little playful and told them to talk somewhere else.

After this, the members decided that if someone wanted to talk, they needed to raise their hand first.

Just another moment in Jin and V’s heartwarming friendship!

BTS’s Jin (Left) & V (Right)
Source: Naver Live