BTS’s V And Jungkook Were Once Asked The Same Question And Gave Completely Different Answers

It sums up their personalities perfectly!

During a fansign event, BTS‘s V and Jungkook responded to the same question and gave opposite answers that capture their main difference from each other.

When asked about their skills, V shared that he was good at saying affectionate things in a sexy voice.

With his dreamy, romantic heart and soothing, deep voice, it’s easy to imagine!


His tender words come from the heart, presented in his sexy signature tone of voice.



Meanwhile, Jungkook chose the opposite answer: He is better at saying sexy things in a more gentle and affectionate voice!

Jungkook’s playful and loving personality gives him an affectionate way of speaking.


However, that loving tone comes with a price: His manly and daring side makes him unafraid to say the sexiest things!



The difference in V and Jungkook’s answers captures their slightly different atmospheres perfectly.


When they’re side-by-side, you can feel both their similarities and differences!



With both of them together, ARMYs get the best of both worlds!

Source: TheQoo