V And Jungkook Have Very Different Opinions About RM’s Drawing Skills

They spoke their minds on the latest Run BTS! episode.

BTS‘s and Jungkook are both artists, but great minds don’t always think alike!


In Episode 77 of Run BTS!, teams Seokjin Kim and Kim Seokjin faced off in a series of games. One of these games involved drawing pictures of food using blow pens. Some members excelled at the game more than others but, as always, they encouraged each other to do their best.


Things took a hilarious turn when it was RM‘s time to draw. He got off to a rough start by annihilating this easel, but his first round was successful, overall.


His team flew through their turns, but as time ran out, Jungkook’s competitiveness got the better of him. When he and Suga failed to guess RM’s picture correctly, Jungkook blamed it on RM’s drawing skills!


V, on the other hand, encouraged RM to keep going, even though they were on opposing teams!


From beginning to end, RM just couldn’t catch a break. For more, find out just how differently V and Jin motivated him here:

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