BTS’s V Once Gave Moving Advice When A Fan Told Him That They Fought With Their Parents

V believes this is the best way to approach the situation.

The BTS members are always giving great advice, and V once gave some moving advice to an ARMY (BTS’s fandom) who fought with their parents.


During a live broadcast, an ARMY told V, “I fought with my parents. What should I do?

V assumed that this ARMY was a bit young and said that the best thing to do is apologize first.

V said that it shouldn’t be the parents who apologize first.

V also told the ARMY that they shouldn’t ignore their parents due to this fight, as they are the people who raised them.


While V understood that apologizing first might be difficult, he told the ARMY that they should still apologize first to make up with their parents. V also said that the ARMY’s parents would think their child is mature for apologizing first.

V gave quite the mature answer!

Source: Naver Live


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