Here’s How BTS’s V Nearly Spoiled The Group’s Collaboration With Coldplay

V had everyone wondering who his “famous friend” was!

BTS‘s V is a spoiler king…even when he’s not trying to be!

BTS’s V | BTS/Weverse

On September 24, 2021, BTS and Coldplay released their collab, “My Universe.” Until both groups announced the collaboration, fans had absolutely no idea that it was coming!

BTS and Coldplay | @coldplay/Instagram

While fans weren’t expecting a BTS and Coldplay collaboration, V almost accidentally spoiled it in May 2021, months before “My Universe” was released!

| BTS/Weverse

BTS did an interview with AskAnythingChat while promoting “Butter,” and the interview was released on May 29, 2021.

| AskAnythingChat/YouTube

Although the interview was released last year, AskAnythingChat is still posting new clips from the interview. Recently, they posted a video entitled “BTS: How Does RM Prevent Voice Strain. CLASSIC ANSWER.”

A fan asked the group, “As a singer, what are some things you do to prevent straining your voice?” Immediately after RM finished reading the question, the other members asked him to demonstrate his method of preventing strain, which was screaming “ahh!”

After RM’s demonstration, V turned to him and said, “A friend recently gave me an oil that helps prevent straining your throat.” As V spoke, the members’ eyes darted back and forth and they said “ah, that friend.”

RM translated what V said by saying, “So, we got this…famous friend, um, he gave us kinda like some aroma oil for our voices.” 

Almost immediately after the AskAnythingChat clip was released, ARMYs began to suspect that the “famous friend” RM and V referred to was none other than Coldplay’s lead singer, Chris Martin.

Coldplay’s Chris Martin | @coldplay/Instagram

Chris Martin has publicly talked about his love of throat oil for many years. ARMYs on Twitter referenced an interview from 2016 during which he told Elvis Duran about his throat oil and explained that it was “a nice oil to sing with” and opened up the nasal passages.

| Elvis Duran Show/YouTube

Coldplay started teasing that “My Universe” was coming soon on their Alien Radio FM Twitter account in mid-April, which was just a couple of weeks after the original AskAnythingChat interview was released. BTS and Coldplay had likely already been working on “My Universe” together before the interview was released, so it’s highly likely that Chris Martin was indeed the famous friend who gave the members throat oil.

| @coldplay/Instagram

Since the interview clip came out months after “My Universe” was released, the collaboration ended up not being spoiled. Instead, ARMYs get to enjoy a hilarious clip of the members and theorize about who BTS’s “famous friend” really is!

Watch the full clip below.