BTS V’s Paintings Have Transformed Twitter Into An ARMY Art Gallery

V’s artwork has inspired ARMYs to follow in his footstep.

BTS V‘s recently unveiled paintings are inspiring ARMYs to share their own art with the world.


On January 28, V surprised fans by uploading photos of his art and art studio to BTS’s fancafe. Most fans know that V is a talented photographer, but many weren’t aware that he is also a traditional painter.


In addition to his paintings, V shared a simple message that is inspiring fans to pursue their own artistic passions: “I’m going to make what I like. Good hobby”.


Thanks to V, the hashtag “#ArtWithTaehyung” is now trending worldwide and Twitter has become a much more beautiful place.


The social media site is bursting with fans’ traditional paintings…


…digital art…




…typography, and much more!


Many of the artworks are of V himself, whom this ARMY calls her “muse”.


For more on this blossoming artist, check out V’s paintings here.

BTS V Showed ARMY His Impressive Studio And Enigmatic Artwork


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