BTS’s V Reveals His Best Facial Features: Let Us Review Them, One By One

… for fact checking purposes, obviously.

In a previous interview, BTS‘s V once wrote out his most charming facial features — a.k.a all of them. The question asked V to sketch his best features of which he is most confident…

… and V answered:

Well… That would be every single one, for me. Haha. I have large, long, mono-lidded eyes. I have a big, pointy, well-defined nose. I also have a charming beauty mark on my nose. I have plump red lips. I have nice, straight teeth. I have long eyelashes. And my ears are big too.

— V

ARMYs can’t stop laughing at how well he knows himself — and simply loves himself. Here are his large, long, mono-lidded eyes for reference:

His big, pointy, well-defined nose — featuring that adorable beauty spot:

His plump red lips:

And the nice, straight teeth:

His doll-like long eyelashes:

And his large ears:

Huh. Well, then. It looks like that response is 200% correct!

Source: THEQOO