BTS’s V Tried To Put RM On Blast, But RM Cleverly Redeemed Himself

RM cut V’s rant before it got started.

Having an IQ of 148 comes in handy, especially when you need to get out of trouble.


In Episode 85 of Run BTS!BTS ran a water gauntlet then shared a meal to recharge themselves. When they talked about going out to drink together, V suddenly remembered a problem he had with RM.


V called RM out for not responding to his message in BTS’s group chat.


V said that the other members had replied, but RM left him hanging. Just as V was starting to rant, RM turned the tables.


He slid back into V’s good graces by reminding him about a doll he’d bought for him.


It’s a good thing RM was dealing with V and not Jin, because Jin wouldn’t have let him off that easy!


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